I’ve been playing with some new tools on my Mac, and I thought I’d share what I’ve found.


Not really a “new” tool, but with the recent update to 1Password 4, it might as well be new. If you have one or more passwords, this is something you need.


I’ve taken a page out of Merlin Mann’s book and decided to leave the remembering to my computer (which has proven to be much better than I), and free up my brainspace for the thinking. While you’re at his site, take a look at Brett Terpstra’s other awesome projects.


This little preference pane can do a lot to help you get (and stay) organized, and I am using it to quickly take advantage of Mavericks’ new tags.

TextMate 2

The next version of the venerable text editor is still in development, but I have been impressed enough to make the switch in my everyday work.