I’m finishing up my third week in the San Francisco area for a business trip and I thought I’d try to sum up some of the more or less interesting things I can share.

Eating out every night we eventually ran out of restaurants and had to begin frequenting breweries (or at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

Walking around downtown San Jose, we came across a small traveling fair and happened to notice signs such as the one below on all of the rides. I thought it was an… interesting sponsor, regardless of whether MJ did what he was accused of or not.

On a trip into San Francisco, I hit up Chinatown and got some true chinese food which was absolutely delicious… though I still don’t know what I ate…

Along Fisherman’s Wharf I found a Christmas tree that’s actually taller than me!

We walked across town and out onto a breaker to get a better view of Alcatraz…

… but ended up with a better view of the city.

Back in Union Square we found a bar that serves 84oz of beer in a glass boot. Needless to say, this quickly became a favorite meeting place.

And just last night, here in Cupertino, I was rather entertained by a suspended handicap sign.