Here’s where we are with the internal project we have in the works. I have finished the storyboards and low poly models with which I will begin blocking tomorrow. The goal thus far has been to create characters and an environment with the lowest possible poly count for creating the basic animation in order to preserve precious computing resources. For the characters I will be using simple mannequins while I finish up modeling/rigging the high-poly models.

I think I’m happy with the environment at the moment. The entire animation will take place on an island. I sculpted the the island using Blender 2.5 nightly builds and then used COLLADA files to import the models into Maya.

There will be a single building on the island; a building similar in architecture to the doric temples of Greece.

Vegetation will be in the final product, but I have nothing to show as of yet. I plan to make use of an L-system-based script to create most of the vegetation.