I have managed to remove almost all usability from my new desk by breaking the only chair I had that was tall enough to reach.

A little background is in order. My desk is rather high off the ground. About 38.5 inches to be precise. Most chairs are not tall enough to make that a comfortable height. In fact, a stool is pretty much a necessity.

I’ve been making due with a director’s style chair, but I have managed to utterly destroy that chair. How you ask? By sitting on it. That’s right, my skinny butt actually broke a chair. Now I am left chair-less. I once had a chair but no desk, and now I have a desk and no chair suitable to be used in combination with the aforementioned desk. This is a rather depressing situation for me. I have been reduced to doing any computer work sitting in my somewhat disheveled living room. Luckily my MacBook Pro doesn’t complain about being homeless as my desktop workstation would. In fact, my little computer is willing to work just as hard sitting on a small crate on the ground as it was at my home-grown desk. I just hope, for my back’s sake, that I can find suitable seating so that I might return to my former establishment of creation.