I had mentioned before that I needed to get some kind of desk/work area set up in the new apt. After dealing with a built-in desk for a couple weeks, a friend and I came up with an idea to build a desk. As it turns out, the idea was pretty good. We got a piece of 3/4in plywood, some chain and all the little bits needed to connect everything and hung a desk on the wall.

My awesome new desk I wasn’t really sure what to do with some of the space left to the side of the desk, but as it turns out, I have a set of shelves that fit perfectly in the space available. I’ve stacked up most of my computer literature and set up my workstation and server on the shelves. I even left some room for a sign which I had... liberated from a trash heap after my church had restructured my high school service and gotten rid of the old signage.