I thought that a good way to start of a new blog would be with a cause that I believe in. I’ve chosen a charity, which is really quite odd for me, because in general I have an issue with the idea of charity. To give without expectations leads to a worn out society. That’s not to say that I only give in order to receive, but simply that when I give charity to someone in need, I want to know that it will be used not to get them through the day, but to get them out of whatever hole they may be in. I fully support helping others, and have been known to help total strangers when I know that they are not simply relying on the generosity of others, but are making as much an attempt to help themselves as they can.

If you’ve made it through my rant, then you’re probably wondering what cause it is that I’m supporting. It’s called Child’s Play and it’s a charity which collects entertainment for children in hospitals around the world. What sets it apart is that Child’s Play is organized by a bunch of gamer nerds, and so collects videogames, movies, toys, etc. Go figure! With these entertainments, we hope to make unpleasant hospital visits a little more bearable.

I don’t pay anything to host this blog, so I figure that I don’t need anything in return. With that in mind, I won’t post any ads, but I will post banners for charities and other causes that I believe in. When the Christmas season is over, I will find another cause to support, but for the time being you get to stare at these lovely green banners. :)