This project is maintained by alextall


This shell script leverages Don Melton’s video_transcoding scripts and adds my own custom settings.

Video transcoding takes a long time, especially if you are transcoding several files. I highly recommend doing this on a dedicated computer, over night, or at another time when you won’t need to use your computer.

Install may be installed using Homebrew.

  1. Run brew tap alextall/tools to tap my cask.
  2. Then run brew install transcode.

Dependencies will offer to install required dependencies if they are not detected. You can also install them ahead of time.


Pick a work folder and place your files to transcode inside. will create several folders to organize the generated files. These will all be named with a _ prefix.


Simply run [File...] from the Terminal. You may add 1 or more files separated by spaces. You may also add 1 or more directories, and any Matroska files will be transcoded. will accept just about any video you can find, but I recommend using MakeMKV to rip full quality .mkv files of your DVDs and Blu-rays. Place these files in the work folder, and Hazel will automatically trigger to do its work.

Using Hazel

Set up Hazel to watch the work folder and create a rule with the following criteria:

If ALL of the following conditions are met
Do the following to the matched file or folder:
and choose